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[]name, age, location: Kenny McBurney, 17, Mississauga,Ontario,Canada (basically Toronto)

[]top 5 favorite movies:

1. Set It Off -> This movie is really amazing. The combination of actresses is incredible ; Queen Latifa, Jada Pinkett and Vivica A. Fox, they make a great team. The ending was really sad and overall it was a really great movie.

2. Spirited Away -> I love this movie, the animation is so awesome, I love the director too, I would write his name but I would totally spell it wrong.

3. Empire Records -> This is quite an old movie, but I still love it. The plot is something that is kind of like everyday life, the people go through what you or I go through, so it's more real.

4. The Notebook -> This movie was such a tear jerker. The ending was magnificently made, with the birds flying away. Also, I discovered the actor Ryan Gosling a long time ago (maybe 5 years??) because he is Canadian and he played a role in a Canadian show called Breaker High, and I loved it.

5. The Quest -> This is a fighting movie, and I normally hate fighting movies, but this one was really well made. I liked the aspect of all the different countries coming together and having one representative that fights other countries to win the tournament.

[]top 5 favorite books:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (and all the other ones) -> I feel that J.K. Rowling is an amazing author. She has a way of making you feel like you are a part of the book, in the wizarding world. Her magic realism is so creative and unique.

2. Beowulf -> This is a really old story, with an unusual plot/theme. Though most of you may not know this, most of the ideas that the new authors now a days get for their books, are taken from this story so it's like one of the primary sources for authors.

3. To Kill A Mockingbird -> This book is an amazing story of the struggles of a town involving racism and law. The mixture of these two topics creates an amazing text, and the fact that this happens all over the place makes me sick.

4. Don Quixote -> I like this book because it is really random. Don and Sancho (his side kick) travel for a long period of time, yet they manage to get nowhere. They are determined to find something that they do not know, yet, the find nothing but they never give up. I like the idea of determination.

5. Hamlet -> Personally, I feel that this is my favourite Shakespearean play. Hamlet's amazing usage of puns with his witt, and his creative ways of making fun of people without them knowing, makes him admirable to me. He is strong all the way until his death!

[]top 5 favorite bands:

1. Our Lady Peace
2. The Killers
3. Greenday
4. Silverchair
5. Black Eyed Peas

[]top 5 other interests:

1. Harry Potter
2. Neopets
3. Sports (Hockey-> Toronto Maple Leafs, Baseball-> Toronto Blue Jays, Soccer, Tennis)
4. Collecting Things (foreign currency, movie tickets, american state quarters, hockey paraphernalia)
5. Television (Big Brother, The OC, The Simpsons, CSI)

[]last movie seen: The last movie I saw, not in the theatre, was Risky Business, it was on the superstation last night and I just happened to catch it. The last movie that I saw in theatres was The Skeleton Key, it was really good in my opinion, and then ending was not predictable, really the best ending I have seen for a scary movie in years.

[]last book (or other work) read: The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This book didn't meet the standards that I hoped, and was shorter than I expected. I really hope the last book is a lot better.

[]why you don't mind being uncool: Because I am my own person. I accept the person I am and do not let the opinions of others bother me. Everyone is who they are for a reason, and they should not be discourages because of it.

[]why you're cool anyway: I'm cool because I know a lot. I know the most random things which is really good for trivia games such as jeopardy.

[]virtues: My virtues include being honest to people and accepting people for who they are.

[]vices: My weaknesses are animals mostly, I love them so much. Also the thought of failing in life.

[]dream occupation: To become a french teacher in a middle school. This is what I am going to school for, and it would be the ideal dream occupation for me.

[]what makes you laugh: Random outbursts make me laugh, and puns.

[]describe yourself in 5 words or less:

1. Honest
2. Different
3. Unique
4. Athletic
5. Knowledgeable

[]most random or significant statement you can think of: "Vote or Die", Puff Daddy's (or P.Diddy, or Diddy or Sean, who the heck knows anymore) this was the campaign for all americans to vote.. now honestly are people going to be killed if they don't?? And Paris Hilton supported this campaign, and then conveniently forgot to vote..

[]what do you feel strongly about: I feel strongly about stereotypes. I am so sick of people judging me because of the common stereotypes around. Honestly, I have really neat and nice writing, and everyone always says to me 'you have girly writing'..I mean how can you justify what girly writing is. Also, about the music I listen to. Music doesn't represent peoples personalities, just because you like the sound of something, does not mean your an emo person or such.

[]how did you hear about the uncool club: I was browsing around and came across it.

[]where else have you applied to:
beautywihin_, the_uncool_club, the_hot_geeks, colormeawesome
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