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all the uncool kids are doing it.

the uncool club
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we are the dead. but you can join if you'd like to revive us.

this is for rejects of any cool, elitist club and for anyone is cooler than elitism. couldn't get a stamp from another club? you got ours! already got a stamp? you still have ours! we're joiners, basically.

no unnecessary beef. life's too short to hate on everyone.

please, be kind. lj-cut! even the uncool don't like long-ass entries running down the page.
see info on lj-cutting here.

try and be coherent. grammar is your friend.

fill out an application, and we'll comment and you can do what you want with the stamp.


[]name, age, location:
[]top 5 favorite movies:
[]top 5 favorite books:
[]top 5 favorite bands:
[]top 5 other interests:
[]last movie seen:
[]last book (or other work) read:
[]why you don't mind being uncool:
[]why you're cool anyway:
[]dream occupation:
[]what makes you laugh:
[]describe yourself in 5 words or less:
[]most random or significant statement you can think of:
[]what do you feel strongly about:
[]how did you hear about the uncool club:
[]where else have you applied to:


gabbiness (ghost_dance), kafrynpants (in_joy), cecil (dream1ng) & janello (babystinkbreath) maintain this outfit.
yay on them. yay on you. yay on (un)coolness.