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just like heaven.

()name, age, location: Lisa Mae, Sixteen (yesyes!) San Jose, California.

()top 5 favorite movies: 5.) Night of the Living Dead 4.) Emperor's New Groove 3.) any Halloween movies (except for Halloween III: The Season of the Witch) 2.) Next Stop Wonderland 1.) Amelie

()top 5 favorite books: 5.) Week Seven series 4.) Smack 3.) High Fidelity 2.) The Martian Chronicles 1.) Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

()top 5 favorite bands: You just had to ask this question! I will only go for what bands I've been listening to for the past weeks. 5.) Bikini Kill 4.) Crass 3.) The Distillers 2.) Against Me! 1.) Sleater-Kinney

()top 5 other interests: 5.) writing in zines 4.) hanging out at taco bell 3.) making mixtapes 2.) going downtown 1.) watching films all day.

()last movie seen: Mona Lisa Smile. Despite all the bad reviews - this movie is pretty decent.

()last book (or other work) read: High Fidelity. I like this one better than the movie! Although the movie has John Cusack.

()why you don't mind being uncool: because you actually be yourself. not like some people i know who fake themselves out just because they want to become "part of the group" no, just no.

()why you're cool anyway: You be the judge for that. Although I do thing this is an "uncool" club. But it is cool in many little ways. Yes, indeed.

()virtues: I am very loyal. I can go through a lot of shit - and still be loyal. I like to listen to people and what they have to say. I listen more to the person who isn't talking as loud, although they aren't very loud as other people, their words are stronger. whoa went deep there. :) i don't take out my anger on people.

()vices: I'm a procrastinator. Sometimes vain. Only sometimes, I promise. Also, sometimes when people talk to me, I zone out and forget what they're saying.

()dream occupation: I would love to work in a used record shop or a thrift store. The idea of all those memories around you. It makes me smile.

()what makes you laugh: Gee, a lot of things make me laugh. I get so easily entertained. I can't help it sometimes. Dancing makes me laugh. So do jokes. Various stupid acts.

()describe yourself in 5 words or less: I want to bury you. or Let's Dance! Okay bye. or The Dancing-Grooving Girl.

()most random or significant statement you can think of: It's not a statement but a question - What happens if a guy takes midol?

()what do you feel strongly about: Women's Rights. U.S. History. Our freedom. Discrimination of any kind.

()how did you hear about the uncool club: Through a friend, Melanie!

()where else have you applied to: top_notch, they hate me there and looks_kill, i'm not even sure.
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