Le Robot Sex Fiend (faded_lines) wrote in uncool_club,
Le Robot Sex Fiend

Lizzy's Application

[x]name, age, location: Lizzy, 16, Virginia
[x]top 5 favorite movies: Amelie, Run Lola Run, Ghost World, High Fidelity, A Clockwork Orange, Dirty Pretty Things
[x]top 5 favorite books: I’m so embarrassed…I’m not a fan of reading. I’ll instead list my favorite comic books- Tank Girl, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic #1, Chobits, Di Gi Charat, and Mars.
[x]top 5 favorite bands: This tends to vary from time to time. My favorite band is Cibo Matto. Four other bands that I’m really into are Blur, Bright Eyes, Ima Robot, and Cat Power.
[x]top 5 other interests: Art (drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, etc.), being obsessive, buying products I never use, collecting odd items, and organizing (but I hate cleaning, if that makes any sense at all).
[x]last movie seen: A Clockwork Orange. I’m very glad that I did.
[x]last book (or other work) read: Last book of Chobits.
[x]why you don't mind being uncool: Because I can actually have an opinion. Popular kids just agree with what everyone else says.
[x]why you're cool anyway: I’m not. Otherwise I wouldn’t be joining this community. It’s a nice, little trick question, though.
[x]virtues: I’m not selfish or vain. So many people these days only care about themselves and it makes me upset that I try so hard to put others before myself. I also stick up for the minority (well, usually). I know how it feels to be left out.
[x]vices: I’m passionate about my opinions, which tends to make me short-tempered and ill-mannered when people disagree with me. I definitely don’t think I’m always right, but I get peeved when people try to tell me I’m wrong when I know that I’m right. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m short-tempered and ill-mannered in general.
[x]dream occupation: Currently, I’m trying to get a job at Record & Tape exchange which is right near my house. They sell used tapes, CD’s, and records…unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get a job there. You have to really hassle them about a job application.
[x]what makes you laugh: Mostly people’s odd reactions. I love facial expressions, and for some reason I find them incredibly amusing. I also find subtle jokes hilarious. However, I don’t get a lot of straight-forward jokes. Most of them just aren’t funny.
[x]describe yourself in 5 words or less: Wanted for robot sex crimes.
[x]most random or significant statement you can think of: Everybody on me.
[x]what do you feel strongly about: Gay discrimination. I’m not gay or bisexual myself, but it really makes me angry when people discriminate others because of their sexual preference. That’s narrow-minded and shallow. All discrimination is.
[x]how did you hear about the uncool club: I noticed Gabbi and Kathryn were part of the community, so I thought I’d give it a shot.
[x]where else have you applied to: the_unique community. I am currently a member.
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